Friday, August 27, 2010

The Missed Marlett Family Happenings

Well, needless to say, much has happened while my computer has been on its little hiatus. Instead of doing countless blogs for the next million days, I thought I would just put a few of my favorite pictures in one extended post. Buckle your seat belts! :)This summer, I got a couple new pieces of furniture for some of the blank spots in the living room. Ava "helped" Brian put together a book shelf.
After we tackled the living room, I decided that the patio could use some updating and also got some patio furniture. This was the pile before...
...and one of the chairs after. The complete set has two of the above chairs, a love seat, and a table. Just add some throw pillows, and there you have it. I really love the set. Too bad it has been molten lava hot and we haven't used them too much yet. Rest assured, in the fall, they are going to get some good use. I'm counting on it! :)
What's summer fun without LOTS of swimming?!? I am very proud of both of my kids and their new swimming accomplishments this year. Chance is very comfortable with swimming now, and Ava has recently discovered that she can swim without her life jacket (limited, but coming along nicely!)Ava spent some time hanging out with her cousin this summer, which she thought was fantastic because she loves to go to people's houses.
We went to a couple birthday parties this summer. This one happens to be at the splash pad in Norman. The kids really love that place.
Probably the most exciting news of the summer...Nevan came home from the peace corps. It was very unexpected. The kids thought they wouldn't see her for a couple years and they were very excited to find out they were wrong. We all went to pick her up from the airport.
Here she is!!!
Since Nevan has been home, we've spent a lot of time hanging out with her. In this pic, we were at our favorite frozen yogurt place.

Chance decided to show us how he could jump over the shrubs. Quite talented. lol
One night, we helped clean up the church sanctuary for the 40th anniversary celebration. Chance is holding a large stack of communion cups. Apparently, no one actually throws those away...I really liked this picture of Chance and Brian. I don't know what it is about a full moon that instantly makes me want to take lots of pictures. Reason #365 why I need a better camera. Then, perhaps, the pictures may actually look as good as it does in real life. I can never quite capture the moment.
Surprise~ We swam some more!

Brian and I went to see Howie Mandel at a local casino. He was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Very fun evening.

An awesome man at our church volunteered to teach some kids to golf. Chance hesitantly decided to take him up on it. I must say that Chance may have some hidden golf skills in there somewhere. George said he had some real potential. I'm interested to see what he can do with a few more lessons under his belt!
Chance is also wanting to perfect skateboarding. Now that it has gotten a little cooler, we have gone out in the evenings to let him practice.
He skateboards and we all watch! :) No skateboarding for the rest of us. That could be quite dangerous.
Last, but not least, Brian and I had an amazing night out with some of our closest friends to celebrate our friend, Shanon's, last round of chemo. She has been battling breast cancer since January and she has been amazing! We are all so glad she is done with chemo and can put that phase behind her. It was great to hang out with my friends and have a nice, relaxing evening.
Well, there you have it. Those are a few of the things we have been up to the last month and a half or so while my computer as been absent. There is a lot more to come. Stay tuned... :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello All

Just to inform everyone...I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have been having MAJOR computer drama. I am not going to give you the long version because I am tired of reliving it, but very long story short, a series of events occurred that caused us to have to wipe our entire computer and then when we got it back, it still hasn't been right. For awhile, we couldn't get the Internet to connect, then the computer crashed again, then the Internet wouldn't connect AGAIN. Now that everything is in working order, I have to hold my breath and hope that I can reinstall all of my camera software so I can upload pictures. UGH! Let's hope this all goes smoothly because we all know that I am computer challenged. Let's also hope it happens rather quickly because my memory card is filling up at a rapid pace. GASP. Did I mention that all of the computer craziness has been happening during the busiest part of our year?? Between Ava's birthday, all of Brian's back to school activities at the college, and our own kid's back to school stuff, I kind of feel like I'm loosing my mind. Hopefully, everything is close to returning to normal. I say this as poor Chance is laying sick in my bed on the FIFTH day of school. Yeah, it's gonna be one of THOSE years. Last year he had perfect attendance...this year, not so much. Look for a substantial amount of updates soon...if I don't loose my mind first! :)