Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss That Girl...

Our dear friend, Nevan (who is really more like family...and I know you've heard lots about in my blog) just left this week for the peace corps. She will be located in Guatemala. We are really proud of her, but that doesn't mean that we're not also a tiny bit sad. I know that it will be an amazing experience, but we're used to seeing her on almost a daily basis. It's going to be quite an adjustment for our entire family.
We couldn't say goodbye without some sort of send-off, so the night before she left we took her to The Iguana Grill and Sara Sara Cupcakes for some quality time. Amanda and Bryan went with us, too (also like family). It was a really nice evening. I didn't want to get too sentimental because I've been trying to be stoic through this whole process. I am really going to miss her, though. We will continue to pray for Nevan through the next two years and will be quite excited to see her when they are over. Love ya, Nev!


I was driving along the other day, and was struck by how beautiful the sunset was. Of course, that made me want to take pictures. (Not that I take my camera out of my purse and take pictures while I'm driving. Not me. That would not be safe...oops. Maybe I did?!?) It was so pretty, though. I just had to capture it. It would have been much better if I had been somewhere scenic when I saw it...a beach, maybe...or even just a pretty meadow. I guess I had to take what I could get. It was still really nice and I enjoyed the moment. I wanted to share it with you.

Big Girl

Ava got to do something this year that even I did not get to do...the Arts Festival. I really wanted to go, but ran out of time and also figured I shouldn't be tempted by all that fair-type food that I love. A couple of the girls from the college, Aly and Bri (who Ava loves) were going and asked if they could take Ava along for the ride. She was quite excited, to say the least. I'm pretty sure that Ava thought she was in college, too, if only for a moment. The girls were nice enough to take my camera since I couldn't go, and they got some great shots. I can't really tell you a lot about what they did, (all I know is Ava came back with a cat face and some cotton candy) but I know Ava had lots of fun...the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks, girls, for taking Ava with you. :)

Here's a little video they took of Ava rolling down the hill. I thought it was cute. It also occurred to me that I haven't posted a video in enjoy! :)

Land Run

Ava's Pre-K class had their land run the other day...complete with horses, stakes, blankets, and snacks. I was glad I was able to make it to watch. It was so cute. They claimed their area, ate a snack, and then it was recess as usual (wouldn't want to miss that!) All lined up and ready to go with their horses. She got her spot all picked out. I loved these little stakes...I thought that was a nice touch. Ava and her pal Maddie having a popsicle break.I loved this picture of her swinging. It is what she does every day at recess. She can do it all by herself...quite a feat for a Pre-K-er. :)

All packed up and ready to go.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jump, Jump!

I've mentioned that we go to the Allen's house every Tuesday to watch American Idol...and last Tuesday was no exception. It was a really nice day outside so the kids took advantage of some trampoline time. Chance and Ava LOVE trampolines and have been trying to talk us into getting one for quite some time. I'm just not sure that I'm ready for all the broken bones that go with There was a lot of kids on that trampoline...they even let Chloe, the dog, get in on the action. I'm happy to report that no one was hurt...this time!

I Love Tulips!

MACU had their annual Spring Banquet recently. Brian and I love the banquet...we go every year. This year, they asked if we would mind taking home one of the center pieces....tulips! I really love tulips, so I was very happy to help out. The only catch is that I have to make sure the vase gets back. I think I can manage, although I can be quite forgetful at times. I wish I could take credit for thinking to put fruit in the vase, but alas, that was not my idea. You can bet I will use it in the future,though. You could smell all that citrusy goodness from quite a distance...and it looked fabulous, too. They were so pretty, I wanted to take a picture to remember them. :)

Pre-K Zoo Day

Ava's class was very fortunate to get a field trip this year. Younger grades don't usually get to participate in field trips, but Target sponsored a zoo day with a focus on reading. Her class (and all of the other area Pre-K's) got to go to the zoo and listen to a really cute children's book reading (by the author herself). Target even provided lunch, which I thought was great. The entire event was free. After lunch, the kids got to check out the new children's zoo. It was a fantastic day (even though, a week later, I may still be recovering from all the chaos!). Funny part is, I think Ava's favorite part of the entire day was the bus ride. Ha! :)

Belated Easter Fun

Last Sunday, we went to my grandpa's house for his birthday party and some late Easter egg hunting. The kids had a blast. Ava hunted eggs and Chance was in charge of Alice...but ALL had chocolate! Enjoy the pics...