Friday, January 29, 2010

Cool Glasses

We were at a friend's house a couple weeks ago for a visit with her out of town sister. The kids found these glasses and wore them the entire time. It cracked me up. I had to take a picture. Ava alternated wearing them on her face and wearing them on her funny. :)

Pre-K Trauma

A couple weeks ago, when I picked Ava up from school, I knew something serious had happened when the teacher came up to the car and said that she needed to talk to me. I thought to myself, "Oh no, What did Ava do?!?" She is usually a very good student, but I figured that could only last so long. After her teacher assured me that Ava wasn't in trouble, my mind then started racing...wondering what this could possibly be. After what seemed like an eternity, that was really more like 5 seconds, she told me that Ava had experienced a little trauma. A boy in her class had cut her hair. She had her hat on, so I wasn't sure what the damage could possibly be. I was praying that it wasn't too bad because we had recently cut Ava's hair and she was NOT in any hurry to cut it again! I think that is why she was so traumatized when the boy cut her hair...she thought it was going to make it considerably shorter. I was very relieved when I pulled out her school folder and saw the "damage" taped to the front of the pocket...much like my teachers used to tape my lost teeth. I actually found the whole scenario to be quite comical. Did her teacher really give me her missing hair?? I think she was just trying to show me that it was not as bad as Ava had thought. You can apparently still do some damage with those safety scissors, though. I think Ava is now scared to sit by the little scissor boy. She has asked for a change in the seating arrangements...who can blame her?? This is a warning to little girls not sit by a bored little boy armed with safety never know what may happen. As far as Ava's story is concerned, it has a happy ending. I have not ever been able to tell which part of her hair is missing. No further hair cuts for her. :)

Chance and Ava Conquer the Arctic Blast

We had some of the coldest air we have had in a long time! This particular day, windchill was well below freezing. A couple of the major school districts even closed for two days--but not Moore. Chance and Ava had to brave the arctic blast. I had to prepare Ava for days in advance that she was not going to be able to wear a skirt to school for at least TWO WHOLE DAYS!! She was not too happy about it, but when she went outside that day, I think she saw my point. I put so many layers on the kids, I wasn't sure they would be able to move. Not quite as bad as The Christmas Story kid, but almost! I just had to snap a quick shot of them before they went to school. I thought it was too cute.

Happy New Years Eve!

For New Year's Eve, we had our second annual college student/friend game night/hang out New Year's Eve fun. We love having lots of people at our house, and we love to play games. This year was just as fun as last! We had a really good turn out and played lots of games, ate way too much, and even watched a movie. I even stayed up til way after midnight...possibly even 2 or 3, which, for anyone who knows me, is nothing short of a miracle! We would like to send a special "thank you" to Brian's parents for keeping the kids for us. They all had a good time, and so did we. :)

One Last Hurrah

These are my coffee girls. We have gone to coffee *almost* every Wednesday since about June. It has become one of my favorite activities and these are definitely some of my favorite people. During the past few months we have become quite close and I have really enjoyed getting to share my life with them. I've already told you that one of our group, Jamie, moved to Wyoming. I had thought that our last coffee trip with all of us together had already occurred, but a couple days before they moved, they were back in town to pack and we got to have one last trip. It was great. It also occurred to me that I didn't have any pictures of all four of us, so I made sure that happened before we left. Jamie has been gone for about a month now, and they are getting settled in Wyoming. It seems like things are going good, and I'm glad for the happy news I hear from her on occasion. As for the rest of us, we still meet for coffee at the usual time and place, but there is still a little part of us that is missing. We all miss her very much. :)

Christmas in Pictures

Hello, blogger friends. I know this is a little late, but here are the Marlett's Christmas activities. The first group of pictures are Christmas presents from Uncle Justin and Aunt Erin. We always let them open these as soon as they come in the mail. Very exciting for them.

Ava was so excited about her My Little Ponies!
...another video game for Chance. :)

On Christmas Eve, our tradition is to let the kids open the presents that they get for each other. This year, Chance got Ava a Barbie and Ava got Chance a killer whale. We also let the kids open a game and a movie...(their "together" presents) because we were all snowed in and we thought it would be some good entertainment.
Cookies and Milk....another Christmas Eve tradition.

Christmas day, they got up very ready to open even more presents!
Little Big Planet!
Ava was so excited about her new friend, Anna.

Daddy got a GPS to help him get around. Probably a good thing! :)
I don't really know what this is, but I thought it was hilarious!

Dawson's favorite.
Ava was trying to use all of her Christmas presents at the same time.
My favorite present of all! I had been wanting this ring for awhile...something I could wear on my other hand that was simple. I asked for it for my birthday/Valentine's day, but never dreamed I would get it for Christmas. Brian gave it to me before I even got out of bed on Christmas day. It was definitely a surprise. I joke with him all the time that it is impossible to surprise me, but he did it this time. I did not see that coming!

The last group of pictures is Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa. They weren't able to be with us on Christmas day. They came a couple days later and we got to have Christmas fun all over again.Ava was so excited about her Princess Barbies!
Fairy wings!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Arctic Blast...Blah!

Well, hello there...and happy new year to you! Apparently, one of my new year's resolutions was not to blog more. I think I wore myself out from all my Christmas posts. (and the sad thing is, I haven't even posted actual "Christmas" yet.) As most of you know, we are in the middle of some very cold weather...terrible. I seem to be cold all the time lately and that was when it was in the 40', I just don't leave the house. All this cold weather is causing a little drama in my house (and no, I'm not talking about the fact that Chance is distraught about having to zip his coat before he leaves for This morning, I went out to do the laundry in my non-laundry room/very cold garage and my washer won't work! I'm really hoping that it is just some extra water that is frozen in the hose. It worked yesterday and we have all our faucets dripping inside the house. I've done everything I can do (except build myself an indoor laundry room). I'm very much hoping that this isn't a big deal. My dad is on the way over with a space heater to slowly thaw things out, so we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed!! I will keep you all posted. It would be tragic if this ends up being something that we have to spend money on because I have my sights set on a new couch and a couple of area rugs...PLEASE be no big deal. I hate you, arctic blast!! Okay, that's all for now. I have a hungry baby calling my name. :)