Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Sleeping Baby

Ava rarely falls asleep in our room anymore, but she likes to lay back there before she goes to her bed. On this occasion, she actually fell asleep. This is the picture that greeted us the other night when we went in to take her to her room. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby...even a somewhat older sleeping baby. It's like no matter what they've done that day to drive you crazy, it's all erased when you peek in on them and they look like this. So innocent. So peaceful. So lovable. I just had to share this with it! Here is one more picture of Ava sleeping (I promise she hardly ever does!). I know you can't tell, but she is actually asleep on the couch. Pre-K is wearing her out!

Women's Conference

Confession time?? We had a women's conference at our church this weekend. I've been super busy lately and I am really possessive of my weekend time. Did I REALLY want to go to this conference? Not so much. I feel bad saying this. It's not that I don't LOVE hanging out with a room full of friends, I just wasn't sure that I wanted to add one more thing to my already chaotic weekends. Can I tell you, though....I am SO glad I went. Ever have that experience when you are sitting in a crowd listening to a speaker and you feel like they must be talking directly to you? Well, let's just say, this one was definitely for me. I am grateful to my friends who held me accountable and asked if they should put my name on the sign-up sheet (since I had somehow not made it to the table...). I can definitely see how I need to change my focus to a more positive train of thought. It's amazing how just they way you THINK can change the way you FEEL (along with God's help, of course!) I'm really glad I went last weekend. I want to encourage everyone when they feel overwhelmed and are tempted to cut activities out to save time...think again. That very activity may just be what you need most! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UMM...I Forgot This One (Sorry)

My kids had grandparents day at their school which seems like FOREVER ago...okay, maybe it was just a week or two ago, but I accidentally skipped it...(and there were some really cute pictures, so I couldn't leave it out.) I actually didn't even get to go to grandparent's day (which was okay since I'm not a grandparent...that would be a little tricky!) My camera did go, however, and took some great pictures for me (thanks, Mom).
Chance and Ava were really excited about grandparent's day...they couldn't wait to show Mema and Papaw their school...I think what they were really excited about was the ice cream, but that's just me! :) I appreciate my parents taking the time to go with them, it meant a lot. They got to tour both the kids classes and take home some special projects the kids had made for them...then, of course, the ice cream. I think a fun time was had by all...and I even got about thirty minutes by myself in the late afternoon after my babies left for the day. That wasn't too shabby, either!
Here are the kids eating ice cream with Papaw...

Ava with the Pre-K teacher's assistant, Ms. Tanya...Mrs. Reynolds wasn't able to be there that day, but they are both awesome!
Ava is showing off her art work. :)

Chance colored, too.

Chance and Ms. Ortega. Random trivia for you...Ms. Ortega and her brother and sister used to be in our youth group when Brian first started as youth pastor...funny! Both the kid's teachers have been great!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Sentimental Fair Story

As many of you know, I love the Great State Fair of Oklahoma! I love it for many reasons. Who can say "no" to a good corn dog?? I have literally been to the fair EVERY SINGLE YEAR of my entire life. When I was little, there used to be a flower was my absolute favorite! It smelled so good with all those flowers and they always had a different theme with puppets and was magical! So good. My grandmother worked in a flower shop and it was her favorite building, too. Did I mention there was also a really cool waterfall before you went in?? I miss that building...

I got sidetracked. That is not what I am talking about now. Twelve years ago this year, I had a fair outing that changed my life. That was my first date with Brian. It was funny, we didn't actually KNOW we were going to the fair that day. He had asked me to go to an art museum with him. I thought, "WOW, this guy has some culture!" I put on my best art museum pants and a plum shirt (funny the things you remember...) and ended up at the FAIR. So funny. He didn't realize when he asked me to go that it was at the fairgrounds. Also turns out that it is not much of an art museum...mostly a small Native American art collection. I think we spent a sum total of ten minutes in there. Luckily for Bri, I'm a girl that loves the fair. (However, if I would have known I was going to the fair that wet, rainy day, I probably would have worn jeans and comfortable shoes

It ended up being a great day. I knew I wanted to spend more time with him, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that the rough around edges guy that I got into the truck with that day would be who he is best friend, father of my children and amazing man of God. I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my life with. I sure wish that I had a flashback picture for you from our first date, but I wasn't the picture taking maniac that I am now! The picture of us this year at the fair will have to suffice...(I know you can't tell we're at the fair, but I promise we are.) So anyway, another happy milestone with my husband, (twelve years) and I'm looking forward to many more...I'm glad I took a chance and got into the truck with him that day. Love you, babe!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Along Came an Alligator

Ava is quite the singer. She sings all the time. In Pre-K, they make up lots of songs to go with the different concepts they are learning...which has made Ava even more prone to breaking out in fits of song. Sometimes, I'll hear her in her room just singing away...nothing in particular. She just sings whatever thoughts are running around in that little head of hers. The video below is a real song that she sings in school that I happened to catch in action. I thought it was too cute, so I hope you guys like it, too. :) (Sorry about the wasn't that dark on my camera. You will kinda have to use your imagination.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Weekend

Okay, people...I'm a little behind on my blog...that's what way too many home improvement projects does to a person! (I have painted the same wall three different times ~never experiment with color!) Last weekend we decided to go spend some time with my grandparents in Holdenville, OK. I have an aunt that was visiting from out of town, so it was the perfect time to go. (and I haven't been in quite some time, so it was probably time to go anyway!) The kids love to spend time there...Ava loves grandparents of any variety (grandparents by nature love to give undivided attention and Ava thrives on that.) Everyone had a good time and it was nice to see my family. Here are the pictorial highlights...

Ava found her own special place to sit. At any given time of the day, you could find her here eating...and coloring...and whatever else Ava's do... :)

Brian played some pool with Grandpa...the kids had fun organizing the balls for them. They are so helpful.
My little Ava really likes to pose for pictures lately. :)

The kids had a ton of fun in my grandparent's hot tub...they thought it was they're own mini swimming pool.
I liked this one of Chance and Bri.
My cousin has a couple of bull dogs. They are so cute. I've always wanted one (and we may be working something out if they have puppies!)

My grandparents have a little first, Ava and the dog weren't too sure how they felt about each other...but they eventually became friends.Recently, one of my aunts bought a house. She is in the process of remodeling...Chance was convinced he wanted to swim in her very big pool, but it was in the 70's and rainy, so it was a no-go.Here is Ava posing by the pool...she was trying to sneak in, too.

We found a giant grasshopper in the house that was jumping on everyone...I dared Brian to eat it, but he didn't....

...then it jumped on my sister's hair....YUCK!

I love this pic of her and Parker...he's so funny!

Ava doing what she does best...posing!

She had such a busy weekend, she actually fell asleep in the car. So cute!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A "Twlight" Evening

I went to a little get together with the girls the other day. This particular group of friends may be somewhat obsessed with Twilight (...and Edward...and Jacob...and all things related). Before you say anything, I realize that we are not teenage girls anymore, and the obsession may be crazy, but before you judge, read them for yourself! :) I personally, was a reluctant reader, but I was definitely hooked by the middle of the first book. My amazingly creative friend, Jenn, put the evening together. Can I just say, WOW! This girl has a special attention for detail! We all had different place settings with very specific details from the book. Mine was a place mat with a picture of all the different cars from the movie...THEN, she had little duplicate cars lined up in front of my place mat. Some of the others included a collection of wolves and the sheet music to Bella's Lullaby. She even found a picture of Bella's birthday cake from the new movie and made a replica. We finished off the night by watching the movie...Jenn had snacks for us including Eclipse funny!

Honestly, the important detail of the entire night was hours of laughing and hanging out with my friends. So much fun! I love my girls. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Little Monkeys

The other day, we were in the front yard riding bikes (once again) and the kids decided to show me how they can climb the tree...and also the fence. They are quite the climbers! Chance inadvertently showed me how he could climb the fence the other day when he came outside to help me "carry the groceries" but then vanished into the backyard without coming in the house (and without me knowing what he had done.) I must admit, that was a little scary...I had no idea where he was (but we're not talking about that instance here.) We are talking about this time...he has now let me in on his little secret... *he climbs fences now. But first...the tree.

Ava climbed a considerable way up our tree. In fact, almost so high that she could touch the roof of our house! Did this somewhat stress me a little? Why, yes it did...but I tried not to think about it. I just took a few pictures instead. That's what we moms do, right? :) "Sure honey, I know you're in danger...but why don't you climb that tree over there while Mommy takes some pics?" Just kidding...she was perfectly safe (I promise!) They both climbed the tree and then showed me their fence climbing skills as well...

And, for all of you who want to see one of my tree climbers in you go! (I know, it makes me a little nervous, too.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reading and Writing Successes!

I just think that it's the cutest thing ever that Ava is attempting to draw actual THINGS (and people) now. I know that some kids start drawing really early, but Ava has been totally content to color. She will sit at the table for hours and color and entire blank sheet of paper a hundred different colors, filling in every square inch of space (and she likes coloring books too)...but until now, she has really had no interest in drawing. The other day, I was flipping through a notebook I had given her to color and I found this little guy. It really cracked me up. It reminds me of the cute little drawings my sister used to do as a child. I think all the shapes she is talking about in school has enlightened her. She has known shapes forever, but I feel like she is starting to realize she can put them together and make things. I love it!

I let Chance pick out some books from Scholastic the other day and he ended up with a book he could read and some sort of art type thing. He was so excited to bring it home. He couldn't wait to finish his homework because he knew I wouldn't let him draw until he did! :) He picked out a book on how to draw scary things (surprise!) and it came with little colored sheets of paper with a black coating on top and a stylus. The black coating can be "drawn" off to make a picture. He thought this was the coolest thing ever. In fact, I think he went through the entire pack of paper in the first night. I used to make things like this when I was a kid. It was lots of fun to color a sheet with some pretty crayons and then take a black crayon and color as hard as you could on top of the paper...then the fun begins! (As you can see, this brought back childhood memories for me.) He even shared one of his sheets with Ava...he's a really good big brother (most of the time).

I was also amazed to see the book Chance brought home from the library. He's been reading chapter books for quite some time, but this was by far the biggest book he has ever attempted. I'm really astounded at all reading progress he has made this year. He is constantly pushing himself to read bigger and better things. He went from a 3rd to a 5th grade reading level over the course of the summer. He told me the other day that he's trying to get to higher reading levels because he can't wait to read Harry Potter. Glad to know he has aspirations! :) The book he's reading right now is a hamster series. He requested to go to the Moore library the other night because he wanted to check out the next one as well. I really like how intentional he is when he goes to the library now. He wanted to find the next book in his hamster series and he also wanted to find the second book in another series he has started reading. We were about to leave and he told me he wanted a hamster book (because he is trying to figure out the secret to get Ninja to stop biting). I'm so proud of what a good little reader he's turned out to be!